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The Art of Living Confidently

Living Confidently empowers you to learn more about financial concepts, take ownership of your decision-making, and prepare for the future. We seek to be your go-to educational resource for the tools you need to achieve a state of financial and emotional well-being.

Even under the best of circumstances—a good job, great savings, solid retirement plan—questions, both large and small, doubts about our finances can still creep into our heads and become a source of real stress: Are my assets protected from undue risk? Is my portfolio growing at the rate it should be to reach my goals? Am I making the right decisions for my personal situation? Will I outlive my money? Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but sorting through all of these questions can be an emotional roller-coaster, at times making you want to curl up under a blanket and hide.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. According to the Guardian Study of Financial and Emotional Confidence™, 79% of Americans are stressed and worried about their financial future.

“Does it have to be this way?” you ask. Of course not. Our research shows that the happiest Americans have a few key things in common when it comes to their finances, mainly that their overall life satisfaction and well-being are inextricably linked to their financial confidence. Just a few small changes to your financial approach can help improve your emotional and financial confidence, whether building a plan from the ground up, or refining what you already have in place.

Welcome to Living Confidently.